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House of Chairs - Terms & Conditions



Please note, we custom design and build various metal furniture and steel structures according to your specifications. Collect and bring your designs and together we will create the perfect piece whether it is for your factory, office, your restaurant, bar or for the leisure of your home. Our website contains many in-house pieces as well as some samples for great ideas. Only once we have established and found the perfect product for your requirement, you will be able to receive a quote and not before. Prices of raw materials can change without notification from our suppliers so it is extremely important to get the costings correct. A time frame of 24 to 48 hours is required for a detailed quote to be completed depending on the size of the job. Please complete your detailed contact information under the tab contact us and customer information. This will speed-up the process to finalize your quote. Upon receipt of your mail, a staff member of House Of Chairs will make contact with you to schedule an appointment to discuss your product needs. All our quotes are only valid for 14 days and are subject to stock availability. Prices of raw materials cannot be guaranteed outside of this time period due to unstable costing and lack of increase notifications from suppliers.



Custom design orders are not standard stock items. The time frame for delivery can take a bit longer due to the fact that specific raw material needs to be ordered and a once off jig needs to be manufactured especially for large quantities. If any work like laser cutting is involved it is out of our hands to commit to a time frame due to a third party. House Of Chairs cannot take any responsibility for delays in custom design orders. Because you deal directly with the manufacturer which is House Of Chairs, we will be directly involved with production and do our utmost best to meet the agreed delivery time lines. Once your design or sample is submitted (the client) you yourself should confer that the sample is correct and it must be signed off to avoid dispute. House Of Chairs cannot be held responsible for any incorrect orders placed. For all custom designed products there will be a design charge, for time spent and for creating a jig.



House Of Chairs operates on a pre-payment system which allows us to offer competitive pricing as well as to secure the material required for the job. Standard stock items ordered requires full payment up front before dispatching. In the case of large custom design orders House Of Chairs will require a 60% deposit prior to production. This is to secure raw material, prevent unexpected increases as well as guaranteeing our clients competitive prices.
The full balance of the order is due prior to delivery or collection. All products which have been manufactured will remain the property of House Of Chairs until paid in full. If a deposit is delayed by the client for any reason whatsoever, House Of Chairs cannot guarantee to meet the delivery time frame. All delivery charges must be paid in full by the client before dispatching. All payment is to be paid via EFT directly into House Of Chairs bank account and proof of payment must be presented before work will commence or before dispatching. Always confirm that payment has been made to a staff member of House Of Chairs to avoid delays.
All payments need to reflect in the bank account of House Of Chairs before any orders are dispatched or collected. House Of Chairs does not accept cash payments however cash can be deposited directly into our account. For urgent orders that are paid via EFT please use the “pay and clear” service offered by your bank. This ensures that the payment is processed immediately without any delays.



All order becomes binding as soon as House Of Chairs have accepted it and a deposit has been received. Any order which has been accepted, House Of Chairs reserves the right to cancel due to circumstances which are beyond our reasonable control. The complete deposit will be refunded immediately.



A R300.00 delivery fee will be charged for local area deliveries in a radius of 20km. All deliveries exceeding 20km an additional cost of R3.50 will be charged per kilometre. For abstract deliveries where House Of Chairs cannot determine the size or weight, the full cost of the delivery will be for the client's account for House Of Chairs is not capable of such deliveries. No deliveries are free unless the client collects his own order. Please make all the necessary arrangements with a staff member of House Of Chairs to avoid any delays of your collection. If an order is too big for one delivery and needs to be split, a second and a third delivery charge will be applicable until the complete order is delivered. We cannot commit delivery to all locations for we do not own a fleet of vehicles. This is normally outsourced to keep costs down. All delivery charges are payable in full with the deposit when placing an order, and all delivery charges are per delivery. All deliveries for out of town, which requires special courier arrangements can be made but will be for the client's account. Delivery charges can only be calculated by a 3rd party transporter. Costs of the delivery will depend on the destination, distance, weight and the size of the load. No order will be delivered or dispatched without written confirmation by an authorized personnel member. The signature of the authorized personnel member will be binding and confirms delivery was made in good order. House Of Chairs will not be held responsible for any goods, damaged, missing or late deliveries that may occur due to a 3rd party collecting on a client's behalf. We encourage all our clients to insure orders in transit especially for out of town deliveries.



Any order which has been accepted, House Of Chairs reserves the right to cancel due to circumstances which are beyond our reasonable control. House Of Chairs does not accept any cancellations once the stock has been manufactured, paid for or delivered due to the fact that the items was made to order, the factory production time was booked, used and paid for.



House Of Chairs will ensure that every effort is made to ensure the information and specification provided for every job to be done is correct. For large order of the same item a chargeable sample can be made up to avoid any disappointments. Upon expectance of a sample House Of Chairs cannot be held responsible for any rejected or defected products.



Please note the colours shown on our web page can often vary from your computer screen to there actual real-life colour. We cannot be held responsible for any mismatch as the accuracy of all computer screens will make the colours vary from screen to screen. Before placing an order we will always have to confirm if the required colour is available for the colour chart does change from time to time.



House Of Chairs will at all times make every effort to ensure that the product you buy, corresponds to the picture shown on the website, however there might be by chance that there are slight variations due to material and patterns not available or discontinued by suppliers.



In the event of a defective product, please contact House Of Chairs within 48 hours of receiving the product. Do not use the product if you have identified a problem with the product supplied. Defective products should be returned to House Of Chairs and the replacement thereof will be at the discretion of House Of Chairs. House Of Chairs will exchange the defective product with a similar product. The returning of defective product is not the responsibility of House Of Chairs and any costs incurred are for the clients account. House Of Chairs is not responsible for any products that are subjected to customer’s abuse or the incorrect use of product outside of House Of Chairs recommendations.



In the event of a product modification for orders placed the client will bear all the costs of new design times as well as new jigs to be manufacture. This process will also affect the product price as well as the delivery time line. Any products manufactured to order by House Of Chairs cannot be cancelled or returned unless defective. If any payments are delayed by the client for any reason whatsoever House Of Chairs cannot guarantee to meet the delivery time frame.



House Of Chairs does not have the facility to design brand names and logo’s in-house. This is all outsourced and is for the clients account. The cost of a design depends on the amount of hours spent creating the design as well as set-up time for the particular job to be laser cut.
The client will be required to sign off all artwork before proceeding. Upon signature of art work House Of Chairs confirms that all information provided is correct and takes no further responsibility for incorrect or defected products produced. If in any event the artwork or product has to be rectified it would be solely for the clients account. The costing will vary dependant on size and type of material used. House Of Chairs will not be held responsible for any defects of the products once the art work is signed off.